Destination: Anaheim

If you’re looking to take your rented Airstream on a quintessential California road trip, then going from San Francisco to Anaheim is the perfect route to see everything the Golden State has to offer.  Plus there’s something for everyone along the way.  From our headquarters in San Jose, Anaheim is about a 6 hour drive, which you could do in one day or spread it out by stopping off at other towns along the way (like Paso Robles or Santa Barbara).

Often when people think Anaheim, they think Disneyland.  But this Orange County town south of Los Angeles has a lot more to offer than just Mickey Mouse (though of course there’s nothing wrong with spending all your time at Disneyland when at Anaheim because well Disneyland!!).

When in Anaheim, the best RV park to stay at is the privately owned Anaheim RV Park.   Like most RV parks in a major metropolitan area, the RV park is mostly a large paved area with closely situated RV spaces.  But the major benefit of this RV park is the shuttle service that takes you directly to the Disneyland parks and other Anaheim attractions (including the Convention Center, if you’re there for a convention or conference).  The shuttle picks up right in front of the park and it’s fairly inexpensive (about $12 for an adult 3 day pass and $3 for children).

One of our favorite place in Anaheim is the relatively new Anaheim Packing District.  It was originally built in 1919 to be a processing and packing house for citrus fruits picked from the nearby farms.  The fruit would get to the warehouse via a railroad, which is still ingeniously being used at the side of the building as a comfortable patio for outdoor dining.  Now the Packing House is an awe-inspiring food hall with delicious eats from across all cultures.  This is the Disneyland for foodies.  List of all the restaurants here.  My top recommendations would be to indulge in amazing gelato or fruit popsicles at Popbar and having a fancy cocktail at the Blind Rabbit, a speakasy that’s hidden behind a false wall of Sake kegs that has live piano music. (Kids allowed and no reservations necessary during the day time, but no kids and reservations needed at night since it’s such a small bar.  Also, not on the menu, but for a super special non-alcoholic drink try their smoked rosemary lemonade).

Other places to check out while you’re in Anaheim:

Westminster: The best place to get authentic Vietnamese food in the country.  Some top recommendations include Vien Dong and Pho 86 (thanks Nora for the tip!)

Huntington Beach: Check out the Huntington Beach Pier or hang out at the beach itself.

Downtown Los Angeles: There’s an endless possibilities of things to do in the revitalized and now super cool area including several new museums and Grand Central Market (another foodie heaven).

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