About Us

Hi there! We’re Brian and Elaine and we are the owners of GoSilver. We were both born & raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, and moved to California over a decade ago. Coming from a small island, we can’t get enough of all the wondrous places our great nation has to offer.

Our favorite way to travel is with a silver trailer. We first fell in love with the iconic travel trailer when we rented one ourselves and took a road trip of a lifetime, and we want to provide people the same opportunity of an unforgettable experience!

Contact Information

Visits by appointment only.  Please call or email to schedule.

We are part of the Club Auto Sport business community at the corner of Junction and Charcot in San Jose, CA. Our shop is located behind the main building.

527 Charcot Ave. #303
San Jose, CA 95131
Email: info@letsgosilver.com
Phone: (408) 216-8656

Company History

Beginning in 2013, Elite RV Vacations was started by Chris & Nora Noe and it was the first business to offer silver trailer rentals in the San Francisco Bay Area. Chris and Nora retired in 2015 and sold the business to Brian and Elaine. As business grew and the fleet expanded, it became clear that people were looking at the iconic trailers as more than just vacations. In 2017, Brian and Elaine changed the company name to GoSilver in order to reflect the adventurous and minimalist qualities of the classic silver trailer.