Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common questions asked before renting a trailer. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact us. We’re happy to help.

Does the trailer have electricity?

Every silver trailer is wired for your electrical needs. There are two types of electrical sources: internal battery and external power. The internal battery will power the lights, water pump, refrigerator, and fans. External power, coming from an RV park or portable generator, will power the air conditioning, microwave, and household power outlets. Generally speaking, if you want all the comforts of home, then plan on parking the trailer at an RV park with full hookups.

GoSilver has external generators available for rental.

Does the trailer have water?

Every trailer is equipped with a fresh water tank and grey and black tanks.  We will send out every trailer with a full tank of fresh water and completely empty grey and black water tanks.  When using the silver trailer without hookups at a RV park, the fresh water tank will last approximately 2 -3 days, with conservative water usage.

We drain the fresh water tank and refill on the day the next rental begins.

When reserving or checking into an RV park, be sure to request a site with “full hookups”.  This will provide you with a city water connection and a dumping station for a direct connection to the trailer.  When hooked up properly, water will not fill up the tanks, allowing you to use the faucets, shower, and toilet as you would at home.

Does the trailer have insulation?

All our trailers have a double-walled aluminum body with insulation between the exterior and interior panels. Additionally, the trailer has a furnace and air conditioning unit, so you can keep warm on cold nights and stay cool on hot days.

What’s the difference between a trailer and motorized RV?

Travel trailers can offer certain advantages over motorized RV types, such as the flexibility to detach your towing vehicle for short runs into town or day trips. Using a motorized vehicle often requires people to put everything away and drive their living space everywhere they go. However, people are allowed to move around a motorized RV, while state law prohibits anyone from occupying a trailer while it is being towed.

Can I drop off the trailer in another city?

Please contact GoSilver to discuss this option.

In most cases, pickup/return is at our shop in Tracy, CA

Can the trailer be delivered to my house/location before I tow?

Yes, Please contact GoSilver to discuss delivery, setup on your vehicle and retrieval to/from your location. We also deliver/pickup our tow vehicle and Airstream rental package to/from your location. Additional fees apply when choosing this service.

When a trailer is delivered, it will be set up to be stationary and cannot be towed by the customer.

What time do I pickup and return the trailer?

Pickup is at 1:00pm. Returns are at 1:00pm.

If I rent a tow vehicle, can I park my car at your facility?

Customers who are renting a tow vehicle are welcome to leave their personal car parked at our facility during the rental period. We have a gated parking lot with 24/7 surveillance.

Do I need to dump the tanks before I return?

No, customers do not need to empty the tanks before returning. We will clean and flush the tanks on every trailer after the rental period.

We also drain the fresh water and refill on the day of the next rental.

Is there a cleaning fee?

We aim to provide an all-inclusive rental service. For normal rental usage, we will take care of the cleaning and dumping at no extra charge.

However, if a trailer is returned that is excessively dirty, such as the exterior covered in desert sand or the interior filled with muddy stains or unwanted odors, then we will charge a fee for extra cleaning.

How does insurance work?

Every trailer rental requires insurance that protects the renter.

By default, GoSilver offers a $1m liability and $200k comprehensive/collision insurance policy.  This is a short term insurance policy which covers the renter through the duration of the rental.  If damage occurs during the rental, a maximum of $1500 may be charged to pay the insurance deductible and the time required to repair the trailer.

If you choose to use your personal insurance to cover the trailer, you must contact your insurance company to purchase a binder which extends liability coverage from your personal vehicle to the rented trailer. A copy of this insurance binder is required in order to waive GoSilver’s insurance coverage.

GoSilver’s insurance policy cannot be waived when renting both a tow vehicle and trailer from GoSilver.

Can I decline the trailer insurance like I do for rental cars?

Although declining insurance at a car rental agency is as simple as saying “No thank you”, declining insurance for a trailer rental requires the renter to purchase a binder from their personal insurance company which extends coverage to the rented trailer.

As a comparison, most auto insurance providers (e.g, State Farm, Geico, etc.) will automatically extend coverage when the insured person is driving cars from rental agencies (e.g, Hertz, Avis, etc). For trailer rentals, however, most auto insurance providers do not automatically extend coverage. Obtaining the extended liability, comprehensive and collision insurance is done by purchasing a binder from the auto insurance provider, assuming it is offered. Once a binder is shown to cover the trailer according to it’s vehicle identification number (VIN), GoSilver’s insurance coverage can be waived. Please contact us for more details.

Can I use my vehicle to tow?

There are 3 things to check on your vehicle:

  1. Towing capacity. Check your owner’s manual or lookup the towing capacity of your vehicle. Depending on the size of the trailer, the weight requirement ranges from 3,500 to 7,800 lbs.
  2. Tongue weight. Check your owner’s manual or lookup the tongue weight capacity of your vehicle. Depending on the size of the trailer, the weight requirement ranges from 400 to 1,000 lbs.
  3. A 2″ hitch receiver. Look for the square opening at the rear of your vehicle.
  4. A 7-pin connector. Look for a circular plug next to the hitch receiver at the rear of your vehicle.
Do you rent tow vehicles?

Yes, we have five vehicles that can be rented to tow the Airstreams.

Please see our Fleet Page to view our tow vehicles.

Where can I go to have my vehicle set up for towing?

If you need to install a 2″ hitch receiver or a 7-pin connector on your vehicle, we recommend going to your car dealership or one of the following trailering businesses:

  • Orlandi Trailer at 3120 Moorpark Ave, San Jose, CA 95117.  (408) 247-7548
  • AB Trailer Hitch at 936 Bransten Rd, San Carlos, CA 94070. (650) 368-2125
Can I visit your shop to look at the fleet?

Absolutely, we’re happy to give you a tour of our trailers. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

How far is GoSilver from the airport?

From the Oakland Airport (OAK), our facility is a 40-minute drive.

From the San Jose Airport (SJC), our facility is a 50-minute drive.

From the San Francisco Airport (SFO), our facility is a one-hour drive.

From the Sacramento Airport (SMF), our facility is a one and a half-hour drive.