How-To: The Convertible Dinette

One of the frequently asked questions from people looking to rent an Airstream is “what do you mean by a convertible dinette?”  Well this is Airstream’s clever way of adding more sleeping space in a compact travel trailer.  That’s why each Airstream can sleep at least 4 people.

How To

Here’s the step-by-step guide:

1) Remove all seat cushions and place aside.  

2) Push down on the black tab on the table leg and then swing leg to fold under the table.  If the table leg does not swing easily, do not force it since this is the #1 way that these table legs break.

3) Hold the edge of the table and raise it up to unlatch the metal tabs from the wall.

4) Then swing the table down so that it rests on the bottom of the seat.  Some Airstreams have tabs for the table to rest on, others will just have the table resting on the seat (but don’t worry it will be an even surface).

5) Move the cushions into place with the back rest cushions placed in the middle on the table.


And there’s your bed!

Our 25′ Flying Cloud Airstream has an extra feature that allows the lounge to pull out to form a full bed.  So now you have two full beds in the front.

The other Airstreams don’t have an extended lounge, but you could still remove the back cushions of the lounge, to essentially make a twin-size bed.

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