We Now Have 360 Photos Of Each Airstream Interior

Brian and I are so excited to announce a feature we’ve been working hard to add to our website!  In collaboration with Blind Knight Studios, we have captured 360 photos of the interior of each Airstream in our fleet.  So now you can visualize the Airstream as if you were standing inside!  We hope that these virtual tours will give you a better sense of the Airstreams if you haven’t stepped inside of one before.

Here an aerial shot of how we set up the trailers on the day of the 360 photo shoot.

To begin, navigate to any one of the Airstream trailers shown on our fleet page.

When viewing on a computer or mobile device, scroll down to the Virtual Tour section and click the box to load the 360 photo.  The photo will automatically start panning, though you can use a mouse or touchscreen to rotate the view in any direction.  On mobile devices, tapping on the compass icon in the upper left allows you to rotate your screen to see the Airstream as though you’re standing inside the trailer! Lastly, click on the arrow icons to move to the different areas of the Airstream.

Here’s a quick peek inside our largest Airstream trailer, the 28′ International Serenity. For the full tour with multiple views of the interior, go to this Airstream’s webpage.

And there’s plenty more 360 photos. So please, visit our fleet page and take a look inside each Airstream. We hope you all enjoy this new feature!

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