Order groceries with Instacart and we’ll stock your Airstream rental!

Grocery Delivery for Airstream Rental

We are happy to present a new amenity for our guests at GoSilver: grocery delivery!  There’s nothing worse than getting all hitched up and ready to go, but then to have to stop off at a grocery store to stock up your Airstream for your vacation.  Or you have to bring all your groceries with you (and not to mention all your cooler bags which you then have to store in the Airstream).  By offering this grocery delivery to our guests, you guys can show up to a fully stocked Airstream!

If you haven’t heard of Instacart before, it’s a grocery delivery service that hires personal shoppers to do your grocery shopping for you.  They partner with stores like WholeFoods and Safeway (see the above picture for all the stores available for delivery within our zip code, 95131).  Instacart charges a $10-$12 delivery fee, depending on the time window that the groceries are delivered. Use our promo code GOSILVER1A9 to receive $10 off of your first order.

If you want to have your groceries delivered and stocked into your Airstream we ask our customers to follow these guidelines to make it easier for us and to prevent any miscommunications:

  1. Schedule the delivery for the day of your departure, anytime after 11AM.
  2. Please send us the delivery information as soon as you order so we can set aside time in our schedule to stock the groceries.
  3. Make sure to give the business name and our phone number as the alternative phone number just in case the delivery person has trouble finding us.  You can also add the description that our business is “located in the Club Auto Sport complex, in the far corner of the back parking lot.”
  4. Please remember that the freezer section of the Airstreams (especially the smaller ones) are quite small so buy accordingly.
  5. You can also tip your personal shopper (they have a section for that on the Instacart site).

We of course will stock items as soon as they are delivered but we are not responsible for the state of the groceries as they are delivered (for example if something had thawed out).  But in general we have had only pleasant experiences with Instacart, their personal shoppers, and the items they delivered.  We hope this amenity adds convenience to our customers lives and there’s one less thing to worry about before starting your Airstream trip!

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